Root Canal Therapy

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Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is the process where a dentist removes the pulp (the blood and nerve supply) from an infected or dying tooth and replaces it with dental filling material.


Why would I need root canal treatment?


If the pulp of your tooth has become infected due to decay or accidental damage, it may be necessary to carry out root canal treatment. If you don’t have root canal treatment the infection can spread, causing pain and even swelling, and the tooth may have to be extracted.


If there is an infection present, you won’t necessarily feel any pain at first. Similarly to other illnesses, treatment is often more effective and more likely to succeed if started early. Our dentists will be able to identify any ‘problem’ teeth, and can offer you a dentistry plan to suit you.

What happens after root canal treatment?


Once a root filling is placed, it can protect the tooth, making it last for years. Root filled teeth can be weaker and more easily damaged than “live” teeth, which often means that it is necessary to have a crown placed on the tooth, after the treatment has taken place. The crown will help protect the tooth, and will hold it together.

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