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Composite Fillings

If you need a filling, it means that decay has caused a cavity to form, or that the tooth in question has been broken or chipped. Our composite fillings can repair the damaged tooth, and protect it from future decay.


Our dentists can provide composite fillings which are white and more in-keeping with the natural colour of your teeth. These fillings are also known as white fillings, and are available in a variety of shades to best blend with the teeth.

Fissure Sealant

A fissure sealant is a safe and pain-free way of protecting your teeth from decay. Used mainly on children, a sealant is a plastic coating applied to your back teeth to stop the decay and protect your tooth.

Why would I need a fissure sealant?

Some of the teeth at the back of the mouth have deep grooves and are prone to decay. These may be difficult to clean. In such circumstances, we offer fissure sealants to provide the extra protection to support your teeth. In children, fissure sealants can help to keep such vulnerable teeth free from decay right into adulthood, which will prevent early problems.

Are fissure sealants long lasting?

Your dentist will regularly check your fissure sealants to ensure that they are still intact. In most cases, they will not need replacing. Fissure sealants last for a long time, with minimal upkeep.

Will I need anaesthetic?

No, anaesthetic isn’t necessary with fissure sealants. It is a quick and painless procedure.


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