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Crowns are restorations that completely cover or replace a tooth.


Do I need a crown?

If one of your teeth has been weakened by extensive dental treatment or an accident, a crown may be something you will want to consider. A crown will not only make your tooth stronger, but it can also improve the look of your tooth cosmetically.


Different types of crowns

• Porcelain bonded crowns

• All-ceramic or zirconia based crowns

• Precious metal crowns


Do I need anaesthetic for this treatment?

For maximum comfort during the procedure, your dentist will usually administer anaesthetic prior to the treatment.


Alternatives to crowns:

If your dentist feels a crown is not appropriate, they will discuss this in your appointment and talk to you about any alternatives available such as a more extensive direct filling or inlay.


Overview of the procedure:

Similar to the procedure with placing a bridge, the tooth may be prepared to allow room for the crown to seat comfortably and an impression is taken for our laboratory to manufacture it. A second appointment is required a week or two later to have the crown fitted once the dentist and patient are satisfied with how the crown looks and feels

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